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Bissell 86T3/86T3Q Big Green Deep Cleaning Professional Grade Carpet Shampooer

The Top Rated Carpet Shampooer of 2016


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Extra Large Rotating Scrub Brush, Powerful Motor, Collapsible Handle, Large Capacity fill and dump tanks, Cleans on Forward and Backwards Passes, 2 year limited warranty

4.8 out of 5 stars

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Bissell Big Green Deep Carpet Shampooer

The Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine is easy to use. The machine handles very well and maneuvers easily. The machine encompasses a commanding dirt lifter power brush that rotates the entire time the machine is in operation. Combined with the constant suction of the cleaner you will be removing dirt on forward and backwards passes reducing the amount of time needed to clean. The Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine comes with large capacity clean and dirty water tanks to allow for more cleaning time and less trips to the bathroom. It’s also worth mentioning that the dirty water tank is easy to empty without spilling dirty water on the floor. The machine comes with a two year warranty and has excellent online reviews.

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My Opinion

At El Paso Best Carpet Cleaning for the reasons mentioned above is why I personally own the Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine. In fact, I have owned several and have been very impressed. (I owned a rental company) The Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine has proven to be a quality product. I personally feel that this is the best option for anyone wanting to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep their carpet clean on a regular basis without hiring a professional technician every month.

How to use the Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaning Shampooer

Always first vacuum the area you want to clean. Remove the water fill tank and fill with hot tap water to the fill line on the side of the tank. Add two cups of solution to the tank and reseal the cap. Place the filed tank back onto the machine and make sure both tanks are properly seated in place. Once ready to begin simply push the green lever on the back of the machine to lower the handle and turn on the machine from the switch near the top.

To spray just simply hold down the trigger on the handle. The suction on the Bissell Big Deep Green Cleaning Shampooer is constantly running liftingimage-bissell-bgdcm the dirty water from the carpet. Slowly push the machine forward while wetting the carpet and then pull the cleaner back toward you. Generally passes of 6-8 foot in length work good. After spraying the carpet with the solution release the lever and make another pass forward and backward without holding down the trigger. This will be suction only and will be used to extract most of the solution that has been injected into the carpet. Be aware that the carpet will still be slightly damp but should dry fairly quickly. I place fans on my carpet so that it dries faster. You can also open windows in your home for better air circulation.

Avoid oversaturating an area. The flow Indicator on the back of the machine will stop spinning when the dirty water tank is full or if your need more solution. Empty the dirty water into the toilet. Make sure to empty and rinse the machine.

Using the Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaning Shampooer

Bissell Vs Hoover

Set Up And Use A Bissell Big Green

And in this corner…

We have Bissell’s top competitor, Hoover.  Don’t get me wrong Hoover makes great products and by no means and am I not a fan of their products.  What I am emphasizing here is that Hoover just doesn’t compare to Bissell with it comes to shampooing carpet.  Bissell well outranks Hoover Carpet Cleaners on Amazon when it comes to customer reviews.

Hoovers biggest complaint…

That I could find after reading countless reviews was with their customer relations. 

“Called tech support and that was a waste of energy.”  By James Mcginley

Many customers of Hoover products wrote that they were very displeased with Hoover’s customer service for one reason or another.  Now if you’re anything like me, (and I bet you are) customer service plays a big part when it comes to loyalty of a company.  I’ve completely boycotted businesses due to poor customer relations.  No, I’m by no means advocating boycotting Hoover in any way.  I am suggesting however that we should review all of the facts before purchasing from any business.  Does Bissell have bad reviews?  Of course.  Regardless of the product, if we dig deep enough we will find negativity somewhere.  But for now we are discussing Hoover Carpet Cleaners.  Bissell will have their turn.

Other Great Bissell Products

Lets Compare the  

Bissell 86T3/ 86T3Q Big Green Deep Cleaning Professional Grade Carpet Cleaner Shampooer


Bissell Big Green Commercial BG10 Deep Cleaning 2 Motor Extractor Shampooer

In comparing the two variations of the Bissell Big Green Carpet Cleaners its easy to get confused on what sets the two product apart.   The Bissell 86T3/ 86T3Q Big Green Deep Cleaning Professional Grade Carpet Cleaner Machine and the Bissell Big Green Commercial BG10 Deep Cleaning 2 Motor Extractor Machine are of the same size and dimensions.  Both units have product dimensions of 20.5 inches long, by 11 inches wide and 42.2 inches tall (when the handle has been extended).  Both products feature a 25’ cord that enables the consumer to cover a very large portion of your home at one time.   The BG10 as well as the 86T3 are equipped with a large 1.75 gallon clean water reservoir and a 1.75 gallon dirty water reservoir that allows the user to clean longer and make less frequent stops.  Anyone familiar with carpet cleaning knows now annoying it can be to make frequent stops to empty or refill the water reservoirs due to smaller capacity.

Another  feature I personally enjoy that bot units have is the design of the water reservoirs themselves for filling and emptying the reservoirs.  I personally own the BG10 for my home.  The first after using the shampooer I noticed how easy these storage tanks were to use.  With an absolutely well-designed handle on top of both units, carrying around the reservoirs tanks made filling and emptying very easy.  The top fill reservoir tank has a large opening that can easily be filled with your mixture of carpet shampoo and hot water.  The dirty water reservoir tank has a curved opening on the side that makes pouring out the dirty water very convenient.  Its design help prevent spills while emptying the tank.  From past experiences, this is a huge bonus.  During shampooing the carpet in the house with other units I have routinely spilled dirty water on the bathroom floor from poorly designed dirty water reservoir tanks.

The misconception…

Perhaps one of the biggest misconceptions between the BG10 and the 86T3/ 86T3Q is that the commercial carpet shampooer has two motors and the 86T3 model only has one.  Of course why wouldn’t this be confusing given that Bissell advertises the BG10 as Bissell Big Green Commercial BG10 Deep Cleaning 2 Motor Extractor Machine.   This is simply an adverting perk for consumers.  The truth is that both shampooers have dual motors to deliver superior results. One of the motors powers the Cheveron Brush underneath for a better scrub.  The other motor is designed for the suction of the machines water extraction component.

The truth…Both Bissell Carpet Shampooers have dual motors.

Another difference in the two units if that the Bissell Commercial Grade Carpet Shampooer B10 has detachable cord.  bissell_04


Commonly you may find the Bissell B10N2- take note that this is only the older version of the B10.




Easily identifiable by its external  large yellow cord, Commercial use, larger areas, has two large 1.75 gallon tanks, easy for storage,  edge to edge suction, faster drying times,  no assembly required,  25 ft cord, large cleaning radius,  clean forward and backward,  1 year warranty. No attachments. Weighs in at 42 pds

86T3 has a 5 year home warranty, does not have surround suction or edge to edge suction meaning it would take more passes to clean an area, comes with a 9ft hose and a 6’ stair attachment.

Both have a 25 foot cord, commercial which iss detachable.

FYI- There is no built in heater on either model.  This is a common misconception when it comes to Carpet Shampooers.



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Bissell Product Warranty

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